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A wave of polish players, they love MMORPG

This weekend Anty received a wave of polish players.

If you have experience with playing the MMORPG Tibia, you most likley know that the polish audience love playing that game. The Anty chat went totally crazy in polish all weekend. Which now made me consider creating a chat for polish players only.

Anty Game Chat - Crazy In Polish
Anty Game Chat – Crazy In Polish

For the time beeing Anty is similair to Tibia. But it actually started as a side project outside of working hours with one single idea:

Wouldn’t it be great to play a fantasy game in real-life with features Pokémon GO did not deliver?

I’m talking about walking alogside your real-life friends on the map, attacking the same targets, helping eachother out in sticky situations, seeing the same monsters, dropping loot to eachother, trading, all in real-time and in real-life. I really and truly believe there’s a market for a game like this.

Which now brings you Anty, an alternative to Pokémon GO with real-life MMORPG fantasy in mind.

And for people who did not like Pokémon GO i feel like Anty is one of the only real alternatives on the market right now. Even if you’re more into other MMORPG’s like RuneScape, Guild Wars 2, Eldevin, Eternal Land, Albion Online, EVE Online or World of Warcraft. And feel like the real-life part is missing. Anty is the game for you, it gives MMORPG another dimension with the real-life aspect added to it.

A shootout to Maxigashi and Wiecznie Leniwy who was the main sources for the “Polish wave of players”.

The polish players mostly came from player Maxigashi’s YouTube video (In Polish)

Wiecznie Leniwy also made a video playing Anty.io (In Polish)

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