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Successful feedback engagement on Reddit

Subreddit: /r/gamedev/ rules

This sunday (23/4-2017) i released a link to Anty on subreddit: /r/gamedev/ asking for gameplay feedback. The response in my opinion is more than i could hope for. Anty website received 3985 uniqe visitors and about 500 players signed up for the game (between 23/4 and 24/4).

Countries included in top 10 visitors: United States, Poland, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Brazil and France.

A total of 110 comments were made on the Reddit post. Here’s a summary of the feedback (Have in mind that this is a list of the feedback which doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be fixed or implemented, everything will definitely be considered tho):

  • If it’s on my screen I should be able to fight it. – Tetsero.
  • This is the kind of game I could play if it was an Android app. – Tetsero
  • Maybe consider showing enemies based on relative speed of the player. That way, if they are going too fast, the enemies wont spawn while they are driving. – DeadEyeDev
  • I actually like the short range, but making monsters avoid the highway and busy streets is probably a good idea. – crabycowman123
  • Make the range bigger for the love of god – OliverAge24Artist
  • I think it’s important to have break spots in this sort of game. I’m thinking Dungeon, Campsite, Homebase, Village in peril, etc. – coleowing
  • Seeing players in real-time on the map could be a security issue, possibly. – crabycowman123
  • Would be cool to have quests or something added in the future. – minderaser
  • Item selling is not implemented so my inventory is getting quite cluttered. – minderaser
  • It’s also not clear what equipment slots there are. – minderaser
  • Seems to also spawn a lot of low level monsters which is annoying cause they give me 0exp but take up a spawn slot. – minderaser
  • Having some visual indication that an enemy is too high level to attack (or just not displaying it) might be good. I get frustrated with a nearby enemy that I can’t interact with in any way. – RaltzKlamar
  • I’m sure lowering barrier to entry will only improve your userbase (offer account creation) – themcs
  • I seriously hope this ends up like RuneScape GO, that would be a great game I have yet to see something similar to! – xyifer12
  • Seems fun. I like the PVE even tho it’s pretty basic right now. – Is_Kub
  • I wonder how the PVP would work. Am I suppose to beat the person IRL if he beats me ingame? – Is_Kub
  • I guess you have alot ahead of you now, but I’ll try to keep an eye open for updates on your site. Any twitter or RSS we can follow?  – Is_Kub
  • Account creation feedback – biluinaim
  • I’m having trouble displaying the site on my phone. Granted, I’m using a 4 year old S4 mini – OmegaPiggi
  • Facebook login doesn’t work on my PC, but it works on my phone – crabycowman123
  • Guest Accounts? – UnfortunatelyHelp04
  • Also think about google+ – UnfortunatelyHelp04
  • The loading JS splashscreen is useless but will block anyone having JS turned off – ReinomFr
  • Maybe style the map in such a way that it looks like a game. – jontelang

Other than that we had several powergamers during this period which is amazing and impressive to see:

  • zslayern reached level 15
  • cequella and ELOL reached level 11.
  • Matt and FloorMat reached level 8.
  • Tetsero, SzybkaNoga and Zeropoints reached level 7.
  • Hudson, Gorki, Ainuwolf, Papaya, OliverAge24 and Ignorammus reached level 6.
  • 1001010011, DireMitten, lucasheap, Mortal and EliasH reached level 5.
Anty Highscore Top 20 (25/4/2017)
Anty Highscore Top 20 (25/4/2017)
Anty on Reddit
Anty on Reddit


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