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Release Notes: (alpha 1.02)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.02)

New Features:

  • Players can now sell looted items from monsters to NPC Sven in exchange for gold.


  • Implemented detailed error feedback on create account and authentication page.
  • UI improvements on highscore
  • UI improvements on game and trade chat.
  • Implemented scroll on game and trade chat.
  • Fixed the stack order of several elements.


  • Fixed issue where chat window sometimes doesn’t scroll to bottom.


  • Increased droprate on Vampires.


  • Code cleanup on shop functionality.
  • Minor adjustments on experience table.
  • Fixed spelling errors.


Anty MMO - Sell items to NPC Sven
Anty MMO – Sell items to NPC Sven

The game will automatically be updated when you login on play.anty.io.

55 days until beta release.

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