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Anty release notes (alpha 1.08)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.08)

New in brief:

  • Demon has new graphics.
  • Snake has new graphics.
  • Wooden Shield has new graphics.
  • New monster: Behemoth.

anty io behemoth  anty io demon    anty io snake    anty io wooden shield


  • Performance enhancements on several components.


  • Demon and Snake has new graphics.
  • New monster: Behemoth has been added to Anty.


  • Wooden Shield has new graphics.

Important notice:

We’ve decided to postpone the beta release until further notice. Instead we will keep on delivering an alpha release once a week. We believe it’s more effective to keep a short sprint of development and releases. We have some huge and exiting plans, stay tunned.

The game will automatically be updated when you login or reload the game.

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