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Anty release notes (alpha 1.06)

Anty release notes (alpha 1.06)

New in brief:

  • Cyclops, Troll, Swamp Troll has new graphics (by graphics designer Hemza Bensaci).
  • New monster: Fire Troll (by graphics designer Hemza Bensaci).
  • Major implementation on battle performance.



  • UI improvements on monsters.
  • Major rewrite on battle performance (players should now get instant updates when attacking monsters).


  • Improvements on monsters UI.
  • Adjusted sizes on Cave Rat and Rabbit.
  • New graphics on Cyclops, Trolls, Swamp Troll.
  • New monster: Fire Troll.

The game will automatically be updated when you login on play.anty.io or just reload the game.

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