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Anty: Feature Summary (alpha)

Overview (not in depth) summary on features currently available on Anty.


  • Login with email and password
  • Login with facebook
  • Logout


  • Walking around on map in real life using geolocation
  • Real time collaboration with nearby players on map
  • Attacking monsters withing 6 meters
  • Calculated damage on player from attacking monster
  • Calculated damage on monster from attacking player
  • Level upgrade based on killed monsters and experience
  • Level downgrade based on death and experience
  • Calculated monster generator
  • Calculated item drop from monsters
  • Looting monsters
  • Adding items on map to backpack
  • Droping items on your location from backpack
  • Selecting active weapon from backpack
  • Selecting active shield from backpack
  • Attacking damage based on monster, level and active weapon
  • Defence damage based on monster, level and active shield
  • NPC Sven (buy items)
  • Game chat nearby
  • Trade chat nearby
  • World wide Highscore

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